Situations is now updated for both Android and Sailfish OS!

This release contains following changes:

  • Fixed Calendar condition state immediately after first start
  • Fixed updating issue with Network Cells condition
  • Other fixes to phone state handling
  • Brought back Help item in menu (links directly to FAQ web page)
  • Fixed extra plugins on Sailfish

The last two items apply for Sailfish also.

And the good news:

Google finally approved Situations for an exception to use SMS permissions in Play Store. That is, Situations is able to continue providing the existing SMS related features as is. And doesn’t even have to be configured as the default assistant application anymore because of it. YAY!

Let’s hope Google’s decision holds also in the future…

The update pace for Situations has been quite hectic for the past couple months - partly because of iterating the SMS permission issue against Google. But now, if there are no major bugs found in this release, it might take a bit more time until the next release.

Pastilli Labs