Situations app is primarily available via platform specific stores:

You can also sign up for Google Play Beta channel for early access to new features.

Production, beta & alpha builds are generally available for download also here.


Official languages of the app are English and Finnish. Many other languages are provided by volunteers.

Please help us make the app even better by updating the existing translations or by providing completely new languages. All contributions are welcome!

NOTE: Translations are provided as is, without any guaranteed support or warranty from Pastilli Labs or the volunteers.

As the application evolves over time, parts of it may not be translated to all languages at all times.


Here are the steps to help us provide Situations app with support for your language:

  • Download or fork the repository in

  • In your local checkout, navigate to ‘sources/situations’ -folder

  • Copy the complete ‘C’ folder and rename it with an appropriate two letter identifier based on your target language

  • Do your translation magic

  • Send the files back to us (support(at) or create a github pull request

Source files are standard Qt translation files. Use any text editor or Qt Linguist to edit them.

Language identifier may also contain country code if necessary (for example “en_US” or “pt_BR”). Change the language identifier (“C”) also inside all the translation files.

NOTE: All translations are public & freely available to anyone, including Pastilli Labs, for commercial or non-commercial use.
Pastilli Labs reserves the right to add, remove & modify any translations. Translations must not contain any licensed and/or inappropriate material.


Our deepest gratitude goes to these magnificent individuals for translating Situations app to different languages:

Francesco Vaccaro
twitter: @fravaccaro

Toni Rubio

Daniel Zhabilov

Alexey Sitnikov

Åke Engelbrektson

Holger Wansing
Markus Stoltz
(+ reviewed by Florian Löschenkohl)


Portuguese (Brazil)
Cáio Cesar