What it does

With Situations app you can make your device work for you. The app helps you get rid of routine device management tasks by doing them automatically!

No more forgetting to switch to silent and back for meetings

Have your your children’s phones send SMS when they leave home or school

Save power by turning unnecessary radios off when you don’t need them

And much more…

How it works

Situations app simply follows your instructions. There is no AI or machine learning or snooping your private information involved - unless you specifically decide to use such a feature.

You can set up multiple ‘situations’ which are collections of ‘conditions’ and ‘actions’. A ‘situation’ defines what happens and when.

‘Conditions’ can be anything from time periods & calendar events to device settings, connectivity and location.

‘Actions’ are typically different device settings or simple tasks like opening an application or sending SMS.

Where to get it

See Home page for the Android download link.

If you are looking for a beta, Sailfish or other version of the app, please see Resources page.