Situations is once again updated for both Android and Sailfish OS!

This time the release contains following changes common to both platforms:

  • Added Call State plugin (condition)
  • Fixed overlapping actions restore state handling
  • Fixed evaluation of situation being moved from manual to automatic state

Android specific changes:

  • Added In-call Volume plugin
  • Re-enabled Internet Sharing action for latest versions of Android
  • Updated app framework & libraries

Sailfish specific changes:

  • Added Powersave plugin

Internet Sharing action on Android is based on quite a hackish workaround found on Stack Overflow. It works on our test Android 8 & 9 devices, but there are no guarantees that it does so on all possible devices or future Android versions. But for now many of you can again enjoy this much requested feature :)

Both the sudden rebirth of Internet Sharing action and the new Call State condition - and the fixes to bugs in application logic - were requested or reported by our active users. If you happen to have something (anything) in mind regarding the app, it doesn’t hurt to send us your thoughts via any of the available channels!

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