It has been quiet in the Situations land of updates recently, but now we have some new stuff to share. Version 3.2.250 is now available for both Android and Sailfish OS!

This time the main focus has been on making the Sailfish version useful again after so many platform APIs having been disabled for 3rd party usage in the past. This was achieved by introducing an optional new component called Sonar. Sonar sits in between Situations app and the platform, allowing Situations to access functionality that would otherwise not be available. Situations will request user to install Sonar if / when a feature that requires such special access is used.

Sonar also brings long requested calendar support to Situations on Sailfish! And potentially more nice features in the future.

On Android side there are updates to improve compatibility with Android 10. Unfortunately also Android has been going the way of restricting 3rd party access to may functionalities - and Android 10 makes no difference. As such, Situations has been forced to disable many useful actions on Android 10. These include turning WiFi on/off and launching apps from the backround. However, for rooted devices many of the now /and previously) disabled functionalities should remain available.

There are still some things not quite working on Android 10. Most notably export of application data still requires some work. And for anyonw using the Logging action, output dir had to be changed to application specific directory. The plugin shows full path to the new log file location in the UI.

In short:

Sailfish OS specific changes:

  • Introduced Sonar support
  • Added Calendar & Calendar Pro conditions

Android specific changes:

  • Updated app framework and libraries
  • Improved Android 10 compatibility

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Picture taken at Cap Fréhel