Another Situations update made available for our Android users!

The most notable change compared to previous versions is that Profile plugin is now controlling ringtone volume instead of system volume. While system volume was working ok for many devices that bundle ringtone & system voloume together, some devices have them separated. With those devices, or at least the ones having been tested, the Profile action controlling ringtone volume works more closely how it is intended to work.

As a result there is now also a separate System Volume plugin available for those that still want to control system volume. Also Contact Volume plugin has been updated to control ringtone volume. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case these changes are causing trouble.

In addition, the Android backends for WiFi, Bluetooth & Accessory conditions has been redesigned to be more stable. Some users have reported that the app has been occasionally getting stuck and this change should help with those problems.

Pastilli Labs