A long time it took but Situations has now undergone one major refactoring. And the updated application is now available for both Android & Sailfish OS! One of the biggest reasons for the refactoring was challenges caused by sandboxing on Sailfish OS. But the changes do benefit both platforms.

From a regular user’s perspective, not much is different - at least for now. The UI should be in better sync with the backend and all features, including those that used to be defaults, can be enabled or disabled at will. From technical perspective, the work increases modularity and enables gradually making parts of the application open source.

The next big task (part 2) will be UI related refactoring, which may very well take again a lot of time. But it is also necessary for the open sourcing work and for keeping both platform versions alive and up-to-date also in the future.

Regarding what is already open by now, the application translations have been moved to a new repository here.

In addition, Xylitol is a new library that is a big enabler for this new version of Situations. It enables rather seamless inter process communication & synchronization of application state between the UI and background process. There isn’t much documentation for now, but hopefully there will be time to improve also on that later.

Closely related to Xylitol, Situations application model used for the communication & synchronization between UI and backend is also public now. So, basically it is an example of how to make use of Xylitol.

In case you find something in the application not working as well as it used to, please do send feedback to support(at)pastillilabs.com.

Pastilli Labs